Product Management: Whys and Hows

Hello world. I don’t usually write real blog posts. But, I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about goal setting, alignment, and product management lately, and ended up drafting the following rant on how I approach aligning day to day work with a big, overarching goal.

Apologies that the original audience wasn’t intended to be you, so not everything is artfully dissected and explained. Just a little something I’m pondering and thought could inspire some thinking on setting goals and ensuring that they a) make sense and b) inform day to day decision-making and prioritization.

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build something

“If you are going to build something, you have to be able to think about all aspects of the business, you have to understand that if you build a product, you then have to market it, you have to know how the economics work, how users respond to it, and you have to be able to motivate a team to build and sell it….

“I fundamentally believe that we should always challenge ourselves to build a better business on a daily basis, because if we don’t, someone else will.”

Mathew Smith, in Getting to Here in Product Management


In my experience, decisions are being made at all the wrong levels of most organizations. Executive teams are dabbling in product and portfolio prioritization while product managers are trying to determine (or guess) the product strategy. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

– Steve Johnson, On Product Management