In most cases, though, the only real solution is to avoid crossing the trust thermocline at all. It requires placing emotional engagement and trust at the heart of product strategy, and accepting that the causes of trust failures are non-linear. Businesses need to address their customers’ complaints early and not dilute the value of their product.


Should both firms experience customer drop-off, then they will no doubt hunt for immediate causes and problems they can fix to “win” those customers back. In doing so they will have fallen into that well-worn trap of seeing their engagement model as a primarily linear system, when it isn’t.

Gareth Edwards, in Breaching the Trust Thermocline

orgs & bigness

It is a biological law that the larger an organism grows the greater is the ratio between its mass and its surface, the less exposure to the outside there is for the cells on the inside. As living organisms grow they have therefore to develop special organs of breathing, perspiration and excretion.

It is this law that sets a limit to the size of living organisms, that makes sure that the trees will not grow into the sky; and the business enterprise stands under this law as much as any other organism.

Peter Drucker, quoted in Authentic Leadership as Knowing What Your People Actually Do by Sheril Mathews


There are several free tools that provide the ability to see how your typography will look to people with varying color vision capabilities. Visit Material Design Accessibility Color Contrast GuidelinesMaterial Design Color and Accessibility, The Perception of Color, and Colour Blindness Awareness. To see what the three main types of color blindness look like, try out the Chromatic Vision Simulator application. To see if your choice of background and text colors meet color contrast guidelines, try the free WebAIM contrast checker tool.

Hilary Palmen How type influences readability


while being present is a worthy endeavor, it seems that almost every decision we make is either in response to appease our past or future self.

career growth

when you create pathways for growth as an individual contributor – allowing for seniority without requiring people management – naturally, you also create an environment where managers may be less skilled or experienced than their direct reports. the age old adage for management is always to hire people better than yourself, but this paradigm institutionalizes that practice. this requires humility from IC stars and it necessitates very real management support to make sure that talented ICs have clear paths for continued growth under the stewardship of less senior managers.