Straight up bigotry

I wonder how it’s lost on so many people that creepy predators can walk into any bathroom they so choose, regardless of what they’re wearing or with which gender they identify.

I wonder why a political party that champions small government and personal privacy thinks where someone tinkles is of utmost importance and necessitates government intervention.

I wonder how many people segregate their bathrooms at home because boys and girls shouldn’t share cooties.

I wonder why I’ve never noticed that I’m a wittle girl and the State needs to protect me from the world. Thanks for the heads up!

I wonder how many Stanford graduates are still haunted by the shower songs of their neighbors since many student living arrangements had non-gendered, shared bathrooms.

I wonder how many times I’ve sneaked into the men’s restroom when the women’s was being napped in (the only explanation I can believe).

I wonder how so many people value social constructs over humanity, dignity, and love.